Modern house design in kerala with front door overhangs home with home channel design garden for homebase round fence posts


modern house design in kerala with front door overhangs home with home channel design garden for homebase round fence posts

Minimalism is very popular and has become a living philosophy or even the way most people live. Not only that minimalism also gives a huge influence in the interior design style in particular for the interior design concept of modern houses at present. The minimalist style is liked by many people because it symbolizes the highest quality of life achievement.

In architecture, minimalism is a way or idea to achieve better design quality gained from or through simplicity by completely minimizing the use of various elements and elements of the design.

No different from the architecture, in interior design, minimalism is also a way to get a very sleek appearance of a space, the use of very minimal variety of decorating elements, as well as the application of various shapes and Furniture models that do not overload the space capacity.

Minimalist style is deliberately created to achieve comfort without much input elements and elements of decoration, minimizing the use of many items that are not needed.

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In the minimalist interior, the comfort and aesthetics of a space can be obtained from having fewer items. If simplified, this interior style is only about the color scheme of the wall, mixing various textures and materials on the furniture, and the interesting combination of models and forms of furniture is very simple and simple.

Everyone wants an organized and well-coordinated space. A space that seemed always neat and away from the messy impression. Modern minimalist concept provides such possibilities. The minimalist house is proving the basic idea that having fewer items will always be better.

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Quoting, in A Guide To Create Minimalist Home; Clutter is a form of visual impairment, and everything in our vision is very few draws attention. The less chaos, the less visual pressure we have.

That is why, a minimalist house can look very soothing and will always look more attractive. Clutter itself in Bahasa Indonesia could mean anything confusing. A mess. Can setup furniture, input elements and elements of excessive decoration, or so forth. The minimalist design shows a more disciplined attitude to the meticulous sorting and careful of all elements and ways to transform the space into a truly clearer looking view.

Modern is a broad design term that usually refers to a home with clean and crisp lines then a simple color palette and the use of materials that could include metal, glass and steel.

Modern design uses a sense of simplicity in every element, including on furniture. A word commonly used to describe a sleek modern style and not much chaos from the use of excessive accessories.

While the concept of minimalism is a much simpler modern design idea. In other words, the minimalist design takes modern design elements and then tries to simplify them further.

A minimalist characteristic is a palette of neutral and airy colors; Simple and sleek furniture, and nothing excessive or a fancy flamboyant look in accessories or decorations.


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