Small modern zen house design with cost to paint house exterior with best house garden images for home hardware fence sections


small modern zen house design with cost to paint house exterior with best house garden images for home hardware fence sections

It has a land area of 70 meters and a building area of 90 meters that looks a mass of modern minimalist house is the efficiency of space in every single inch. Modern minimalist house does not let every area does not have its function and usefulness. He manages to organize them, design them and decorate them into a dream house that is no less elegant with large luxury homes.

Although it does not include petite, the modern minimalist house 2 floors is not arguably spacious. The process of arranging and decorating a 2-storey house with 3 bedrooms and 2 rooms. Your creativity and perseverance can display a simple but quite fancy home concept. A comfortable dwelling place even though the size is not too large.

On the front of the house, we will be greeted with a minimalist façade display with monochrome color options. The rocks and ornamental plants, which are visible, instantly give a cool, fresh and beautiful impression. Entering the terrace for more ornamental plants are found. There are various ornamental plants in the pot then both hung and placed on the floor. The presence of natural stone fountains located on the wall also adds a cool and fresh impression. This fountain design Model is the best alternative of home decor style for those of you who want a natural appearance but have limited land.

Entering the living room area, the minimalist design view is increasingly felt. But it is not a pure minimalist, but a minimalist touch that was born Scandinavian interior style. Although small in size, this area feels so wide due to high ceilings. There are several glass vents and windows that can maximize the air circulation in the room. It feels very airy, bright, airy and comfortable.

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Moving on to the second floor, there is a family room that is still also thick with Scandinavian design concept. Televisions, DVD players, carpet motifs and some pillows make the room feel warm and welcoming. The small Area is also left to be treated with little furniture so that the minimalist spirit is consistently applied. Although minimal, but this one is guaranteed to maximize the interaction and proximity of each family member.

Not far from the living room area there is a dining room made using the remaining areas. Still with a dominating white nuance, typical of the main colors of Scandi interior style, this area is also supported by the use of a variety of beautiful and functional minimalist furniture.
The use of minimalist tables and chairs with additional wood elements gives warmth and a strong natural impression in the cute dining room.

Further inside, there is a mini kitchen measuring 2.3 meters x 1.5 meters. This tiny Area is really well utilized and very maximally in function. In addition to using a storage kitchen island design, this kitchen model is enabled as a room divider.The barrier between the kitchen and dining room is designed neatly so beautifully viewed. As has been mentioned more than just a barrier on the bottom there are drawers and storage. It can also serve as a table for cooking activities and or preparing food.

This tiny kitchen room is really maximal in function. Some great furniture can even go in and like not to weigh the room at all. Very creative and intelligent spatial arrangement. Not only the refrigerator in the corner of the room then you can see a washing machine.

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