Two story small house design with rooftop with modern entrance doors pinterest with house paint color selection for carriage house plans for sale

two story small house design with rooftop with modern entrance doors pinterest with house paint color selection for carriage house plans for sale - Living in a tropical country or region, making a home design selection requires more attention. This is to ensure that your tropical home is not only able to adapt to the weather as well as the climate but also remain comfortable and aesthetically pleasing in terms of display.

This makes modern tropical house design has never been lonely enthusiasts, especially for tropical climates like Indonesia. In addition to comfortable, modern tropical houses also generally have a fairly acceptable display in the Indonesian environment as well as other tropical climate countries. Here are inspiring modern tropical homes from different parts of the world.

The Sun House Modern Tropical House in Singapore – Guz Architect

Singapore is one of the most neighboring tropical countries in Indonesia. No wonder many modern tropical houses are met in this country. One of them is The Sun House by Guz Architects.

The open concept and use of wooden lattice make this modern tropical house have a look that remains elegant behind the tropical nuance it possesses.

Modern Tropical House of Bartlett Residence in Costa Rica – SARCO Architects

The first modern tropical house design is the work of SARCO Architects located in Costa Rica. Not only adaptable to the climate, structure and landscape of this tropical home is also symbiotically well with the original landscape architecture of the environment. The roof dungarees in this tropical house helps better rainwater disposal.

Contemporary Villa in Bali – Word of Mouth Architecture

Contemporary villa by Word of Mouth Architecture is one of the Villa in Bali that adapt the concept of modern tropical house. This can be seen with the maximum room openings to capture the light and the wide air circulation and cantilever to bring out the building. Dominated by white color, this tropical house helps various complementary plants and shades become more prominent and attractive.

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Villa Mia in Koh Samui, Thailand

The Balinese architecture is famous for its tropical style. It also makes Villa Mia located in Koh Samui, Thailand applying tropical elements of Balinese architecture in this modern tropical house. Pendopo and also yard in the middle of the house complex make the air circulation and good lighting in every space in the modern tropical house of this one.

Modern tropical Villa in Paraty, Brazil

Switching to Brazil, you can peek at a modern Villa on the beach with a modern tropical home concept. Consisting of two overlapping periods, this modern tropical house looks simple but can still protect the space in the house with a wide-sized cantilever shade.

Modern Tropical House MC1 House in Costa Rica – Robles Arquitectos

MC1 House is a tropical home of Modeern which also carries the concept of recycling by Robles Arquitectos in Costa Rica. Appearing more open with the combination of materials that are common in industrial style does not make this House lose its tropical essence. With good cross circulation arrangement, MC1 House guarantees the comfort of its activity.

The Tangga House in Singapore – Guz Architects

A further modern tropical home that you can find in Singapore is The Tangga House which is also the work of Guz Architects. This modern tropical house comes with maximum aperture, but a wide katilever to melt the space in it. Plus the placement of the vegetation garden on the roof also helps the house to remain cool amid the tropical climate.

Presenting a tropical modern tropical house is not only able to ensure the comfort and durability of the building to the tropical climate, but it can also remain aesthetically pleasing and attractive, right?

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