two story small house interior design with modern balcony balustrade with interior house paint colors pictures for house plans with garage in back


two story small house interior design with modern balcony balustrade with interior house paint colors pictures for house plans with garage in back

New and Modern 2 floors Minimalist House Example – do you want to create a home with minimalist concept? Or maybe you’re looking for the latest and modern 2-storey house design?, if the question is all right, here we give you some examples of the newest and modern 2-storey minimalist houses, which you can make a reference for determining the home design You will then choose.

Designing a minimalist home design of 2 floors is still a pretty much in demand choice nowadays, what else if only have a land that is not so wide for a modern minimalist house, the solution is to make a house design 2 floors, There are some reasons that make someone choose a minimalist home design following the explanation:

  1. The available land is increasingly narrow, so it is not possible to build a large-type house (horizontal 1 floor)
  2. Because business, there are already many 2-storey houses that serve as offices, shops or other land functions.
  3. The number of family members, the design of a 2-storey living is sure to be occupied by the rest of the family, with the proper arrangement.

In building a 2-storey minimalist house you have to consider many things, among them is the location or home locations must be strategic, hereinafter the purchase and legality, as well as the facilities that the housing will provide, generally the Are in the towns are 2-storey minimalist house model 36 and 45. With land that is not so wide house design 2nd floor can still display a modern impression of a beautiful minimalist, how example minimalist house 2 floors that is suitable for you to occupy.

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Minimalist House 2 floors type 36

Although it has a limited size house with type 36 is designed for families who have modern life but simple, this type of house is a combination of a minimalist house 1 floor type 36 with ground floor area of 36 meters (6 meters x 6 meters), while the second floor may vary according to your needs, but in general the second floor area is not wider than the first floor, taking into consideration the legislation on building buildings.

2 Floor Minimalist House Type 36 is the right answer to solve the problem of increasing the number of your family members, some layout options will still be incorporated in this design, although limited in size, the design of this type focuses on the color Materials, textures and shapes in the exterior look and minimalist interior, which can make your dwelling look modern and elegant.

In terms of cost, minimalist House 2 floors type 36 is very affordable so that make this type of house many people are interested because it is comfortable and provide a wide space for its occupants.

Minimalist House 2 floors Type 45

In accordance with the name of a minimalist house 2 floors Type 45 means this House has a building area 45 square meters, basically house Type 45 and type 36 is not much different, either from the material used or the amount of room, the difference how on the size of the room Each room type, as is the minimalist house type 36, house with the Type 45 2 this floor is suitable for you who have a lot of family, in terms of the cost of Type 45 house is more expensive little compared to 36 type, but Not much different.

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