modern house plans with photos in india with paint color home theater with exterior house paint looks for kerala home design nadumuttam


modern house plans with photos in india with paint color home theater with exterior house paint looks for kerala home design nadumuttam

2 storey Modern Minimalist house – Do you want to have a comfortable home? Or maybe you want to have a 2 storey minimalist modern house?, having a comfortable home is certainly a dream of every human being, a comfortable home is certainly not only a large house, a lot of houses or also a luxurious house.

A comfortable house is a house that has adequate air circulation, and has an aesthetic that represents a house, owning a house with a small size of course also does not mean we have an uncomfortable home, you can make a small house Become a modern house den comfortably occupied.

One of the design of a house that is much in demand is a minimalist house, a house with a simple ornament design in every corner and combined with soft color for each surface, when you have a narrow ground and a house with A limited size makes the house should be made multilevel, one of the home design can be a narrow land alternative. The issue is to build a towering house that is not a simple problem, if we are unable or less able to place the proper space order, it can be a room that should be spacious instead will be narrow.

2 Floor Minimalist House Model has advantages and disadvantages, making the house with a minimalist design on the house that has floor-level is not easy, besides having to pay attention to comfort, beauty, security factor should also get Main concern, here is a trick to make your 2 storey minimalist house can be more comfortable.

1. Pay attention to your home circulation

The first trick in designing your home to be comfortable and healthy is to pay attention to air circulation, which need to remember the house with high floor will surely cover a lot of air space on the lower floor. Give the air circulation space on the lower floor so that the room downstairs gets enough air circulation, especially in the bathroom area, sometimes most people forget that the bathroom in the downstairs should have enough air to Not moist. Do not cover all rear rooms as it will impede the air going in.

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2. A terrace that embellish your home

You can make use of a bit of space at the top facing the street for a balcony, the balcony is not necessarily wide and spacious, the balcony serves to relax room and also can to make your house beautiful to impress wide.

3. Divide the floor function

In order to have a functional minimalist design in addition to having an elegant aesthetic value, we better divide the function of each floor well, our example will divide the floor of the first floor for living room and family dining room, The upper floor will be used as a bedroom. This division will take up a lot of space and cause you difficulty in regulating circulation and can cause the room to feel narrower.

4. Reduce the barrier wall

Reduce the permanent barrier wall of the room, except the bedroom, this is very beneficial for you when you want to change the room, it is better to use the insulation of wood or insulation from rattan, or even can also use the insulation from Glass with aluminum frame when the insulation is not too wide, using glass and aluminum material besides can save the place can also add a beautiful and elegant impression.

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